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  Shenzhen HGUVLED Technology Co., Ltd. is a research and development, production, sales and service as one of the optoelectronics technology enterprises. Since its inception in 2010, uphold the "integrity, focus, innovation" business philosophy, specializing in the new environmental protection and energy saving special light source research and development and application. Through the unremitting efforts, is to LED ultraviolet light curing, pulse UV light curing, UV-LED inkjet printing, solar simulator, biological, medical, police detection and analysis of light sources, plant growth lights, research multi-band light source, UV sterilization , LED photon medical, pulse UV water treatment, vegetable processing, air treatment as the main product line. In the military, scientific research, biological, criminal investigation, optoelectronics, beauty, medical, water treatment, vegetable processing and other fields has made a wide range of applications. Company products and solutions have a number of independent intellectual property rights, not only satisfied with the domestic market, and business development to the global field, the current products and services have been exported to Japan, Korea, the United States, Singapore, Europe and other countries and regions, and many international Well - known company ‘s unanimous approval.
  We have dedicated staff and strong research and development capabilities, and the joint development of many scientific research units, the development and production of semiconductor laser pump source, high power pulse ultraviolet radiation system, LED ultraviolet light source light source, LED multi-wavelength light source irradiation system , Ultraviolet laser irradiation system, multi-wavelength background advertising light boxes, LED therapeutic apparatus, LED nail quick-drying instrument, and so many industrial products. The emphasis on technology research and development, so that Oulaikesi continue to grow and develop, our aim is: to respond quickly to customer needs, to provide customized products and point-to-point solutions to help users grow and develop.
  Our Company started early in UV-LED ink curing industry with a wealth of industry experience and technological advantages, with several well-known manufacturers of UV printers stable cooperation. Our lamp base with imported lamp beads, power, curing fast and thorough, long service life. Products widely applicable UV flatbed printers, inkjet printers, Pen Maji, silk screen machine. The company has a sound technical service system, to provide guests with a full range of UV curing program for the guests to design the best curing equipment.
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