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The control center (OCC) of the rail traffic control center (OCC) focuses on the centralized display of all kinds of computer, network and video signals in the control system and the monitoring network system. Implementation of train operation dispatching SIG systems, electric power dispatch SCADA system, environmental monitoring equipment supervisor EMCS discrimination system, fire alarm, automatic FAS system ticket ticket AFC system and video monitor CCTV system and so on six big operation system of real-time monitoring, all information must be in indoor high-definition LED small spacing reality monitoring scheduling on a big screen. Therefore, the traffic visual intelligence needs to complete the high integration and multi-information monitoring task. The traffic monitoring and dispatching is in the normal operation of the equipment, and the safety of the passengers and staff is more important.
Industry application
The indoor high definition LED small spacing display system has the characteristics of double core, redundant power supply, double system, etc., which provides sufficient guarantee for the stability of traffic monitoring and dispatching. Even if the image processor fails, lamp‘s unique dual system can ensure that various images are displayed on the wall, without delay of traffic system monitoring and scheduling. Dispatching SIC system, power dispatch SCADA system, CCTV video monitoring systems, etc all can through the lamp image processor will eventually signal by high LED large screen display, lamp human intelligence software to control scheduling a variety of needs, in order to meet the diverse needs of the staff.
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